Hayward AquaNaut 200

The AquaNaut is ideal for average sized in-ground pools in virtually any shape or surface. The AquaNaut uses self-adjusting turbine vanes to ensure that it has maximum power at any flow rate to ensure it can suck up all sizes of debris, all the time. This system gives it the capability to easily suck up larger debris that other suction cleaners may miss.

The unique steering system has multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences to ensure it can efficiently clean the pool. The steering sequence even reverses the left wheel every 8 to 10 feet of travel so the AquaNaut will move in another direction to ensure full pool coverage. 

The wheels are large to allow the AquaNaut to climb over obstacles and maneuver easily - especially the main drains. The tread on the tires increases grip for climbing walls and other obstacles.

AquaNaut 200 Cleaner Features:

  • 2-Wheel AquaNaut Suction Pool Cleaner
  • Suction pool cleaner for average size in-ground pools
  • Ideal for all surface types such as gunite, cement, vinyl, fiberglass and tile
  • Self-adjusting turbing vanes for maximum power at any flow
  • Multiple pre-grammed internal steering sequences
  • Huge diameter wheels with patented tire treads
  • Adjustable skirt allows the cleaner to maintain optimal flow on uneven surfaces or obstacles
  • Includes 3 interchangeable throats for optimal suction performance
  • Includes 33 feet of hose

PHS21CST AquaNaut 200, 2 Wheel